Llexeter’s Terms of Warranty to Consumers for Off-Road Vehicles (Version 1.0)


  • Llexeter: Llexeter Ltd., Units 15-18 Greendale Business Park, Woodbury Salterton, Devon, EX5 1EW, United Kingdom registered in England with company registration number 4940600
  • Vehicle: An Off-Road Vehicle
  • Dealer: An authorised Dealer of Llexeter for the sale, repair and service of Off-Road Vehicles supplied by Llexeter
  • Customer: A consumer who bought a Vehicle from a Dealer
  • He/His: Refers to any singular pronoun, such as he/his, she/her or it/its
  • Territory: The United Kingdom
  • Handover Date: The date on which a Dealer handed over a purchased vehicle to the Customer, as submitted to Llexeter by the Dealer
  • Warranty Period: 12 months from the handover date
  • Type of Warranty: Parts-Only through a Dealer Only excluding any cost of labour or collection/delivery of the vehicle


This document does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. All sales of vehicles from a Dealer to a Customers within the territory are subject to the Conditions of Supply in this document. Llexeter will, through a Dealer, provide a parts-only warranty in the Warranty Period, subject to the Conditions of Supply, Conditions of Warranty, Exclusions and Procedures described in this document. Any non-fulfilment of the Warranty Conditions may result in the warranty being fully or partially void. This Warranty is not affected by a change of ownership, with any remaining period of warranty being transferable to subsequent owners.

Conditions of Warranty

Llexeter will replace any part of the vehicle which has failed through either a material defect or incorrect factory assembly, through a Dealer, providing:

  1. The Vehicle bears the original manufacturer’s identification marks
  2. The item to be replaced is either part of the original equipment or a genuine replacement part, with repairs and/or replacements carried out by a Dealer
  3. Reasonable care has been taken to keep the vehicle clean and free from chemical attack according to the documentation provided by a Dealer.
  4. The Vehicle has not been subjected to any unauthorised alterations, misuse, negligence, or accident, or has not been used for purposes other than those for which it was designed or has not been operated with fuel and lubricants other than those recommended
  5. The Vehicle is inspected before each usage to be sure it is in safe operating condition
  6. The Customer must ensure that properly conducted Periodic Inspection/Services are carried out by a Dealer, according to the latest schedule that has been provided to him by the Selling Dealer or Llexeter. The documentation provided by the Selling Dealer during the handover of the Vehicle will always supersede the servicing and warranty information provided within the owner’s manual


The Warranty shall not apply in the following instances.

  1. The Vehicle is or has been used for any business or commercial purpose
  2. Replacement and/or adjustment due to normal deterioration or wear
  3. Corrosion, oxidation, and discoloration caused by weather conditions, salt, harsh chemical products, or cleaning compounds
  4. Damage caused by improper use for a purpose other than originally designed or intended
  5. Damage caused by use in races, rallies, or other similar competitive sports
  6. Damage caused by force majeure, fire, collision, accident or any other external causes beyond the control of the company
  7. Damage caused by installation of parts or accessories that are not original or approved equipment
  8. Damage caused by improper maintenance or setup by a Dealer or Customer
  9. Damage caused by improper transportation or storage
  10. Transportation charges of the vehicle or its rider or passenger to or from the repairing Dealer
  11. Items which are service or consumable parts, those having a lifespan based on usage and expected to be replaced during normal service. Examples of such parts include, but are not limited to, tyres, tubes, cables, lights, bulbs, batteries, chains, belts, bearings, fairings, brake pads, brake shoes, sprockets, fuses, motor brushes, rubber parts

Conditions of Supply

  1. The Customer shall ensure the Vehicle is operated and maintained properly, in compliance with the instructions and guidelines in the Owner’s Manual and the documentation provided by the Selling Dealer.
  2. The Customer shall bear the costs of regular service and maintenance, as well as replacement costs of normal wear items
  3. The Customer is also liable for the failure and damage caused by abuse, neglect and accidents including incidental and consequential costs
  4. In the event of a suspected defect, the Customer shall contact a Dealer as soon as reasonably possible to report the suspected defect
  5. The Customer is also liable for all labour costs, unwarrantable or warrantable
  6. The Customer is liable for any subsequent repairs that are not Warranty-covered as above


How to make a claim

If the Customer experiences a problem with a Vehicle, which he believes should be dealt with under the Warranty, he shall promptly contact the Selling Dealer or any other Dealer to arrange for the Vehicle to be inspected. If any problem develops which the Customer believes may render the vehicle unsafe to use, he shall contact the Dealer for assistance and must NOT use the Vehicle until it has been inspected and cleared as fit for purpose. All claims under the Warranty must be submitted through a Dealer.

Make a complaint

Llexeter hopes that the Customers will be pleased with its Vehicles and the service it and its Dealers provide. If however, a Customer has any reason to complain, he is advised to send his complaint, in writing directly to the Selling Dealer and send a copy of it to the Aftersales Department of Llexeter. If the complaint is not handled by the Dealer to the Customer’s satisfaction, or if he believes he is being treated unfairly, he may elect to put his case to Llexeter to review the decision. If the Customer wishes to do this, he may contact Llexeter directly who will provide him with further details.

Content was last updated 12/06/2023